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Recently I printed a t-shirt for a friend, the phrase "OUR HOPE IS A BOAT AND IT'S SINKING" - a reference to a game, and a quote she just liked. The print came out pretty good, but was patchy round the edges. She reckoned this added to the aesthetic. I'm not so sure. I should've taken a photo.

I got a BADGE MACHINE for christmas. I can make badges now, which is exciting!



What am I doing here?

That sounds exisential doesn't it?! What I mean is, what am I doing with this website? And why here, why like this?

Well, I create, and I want to share what I create. Over the years I've attempted to make flashy websites to share my creations, but I've never quite been satisfied with any of them. So I decided to go back to basics. I've always liked the aesthetic and ideals of DIY punk, both musically and - more relevant to this - in art, design and publishing (I've recently bought a great book: OH SO PRETTY PUNK IN PRINT 1976-1980, get it from your local bookshop!) - type writers, marker pens, scissors, glue, and photocopiers - and this is inspired by that (I chose this font in part for its similarity to typewriters). The idea that things don't have to be perfect if they do what you want 'em to.

Neocities, with which I am creating this is the internet equivalent of photocopier and typewriter. I am writing this now on an html editor screen, with WW3Schools up in another tab for help, it's that basic. What, as the name might suggest, and to quote the Wikipedia page, it aims to do "is to revive the support of "creativity and free expression" provided by GeoCities before its partial shutdown" and I really like it. Check out some of the things people have made here, there's some really neat stuff.

I don't quite know what I'm doing with this website. I'll upload some art, for sure. Probably make some more blog posts, express some opinions, write about what's going on with my two big projects (with flashier, but at time of writing, unfinished websites): my shop and my comic, and most likely a lot more besides.